Why I shop so much from #Purplle website

So, to begin with all of us love online shopping. But we binge shop, when we have a sale or a huge discount.

Coming to my online shopping obsession, I love shopping on purplle. Be it the various discounts, or the brands exclusively available on #purplle.

Here are few brands that are exclusively available only on purplle.

1. Good Vibes - #goodvibes is a natural Indian skincare brand. It uses all ingredients derived from nature. I personally use their products, and being a dry skin, I absolutely love it.

2. Stay Quirky - #stayquirky is another excellent brand, with amazing quality. It is damn affordable & I use a lot of products from their range and have no complaints so far.

3. NY Bae- OMG I love their products as well, so damn good.

4. Alps Goodness- This is an another skincare brand, with natural ingredients face washes.

If you want to install this app on your phone, here is a coupon code.

You can use my code "FR2375754478R" while installing purplle app on your mobile. #purpllecouponcode

To speak in depth , you can check out below video haul; which will give you a little insight of products you want to buy.


Deepa Sree

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